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driveway cleaning

Our team of professionals is experienced in path cleaning, driveway cleaning and patio cleaning. Our cleaning staff makes sure clients are totally happy with the service before leaving the premises, making sure work is done to the highest standards. When we carry out the work required, your patio or driveway will look perfectly clean just like the day when it was fitted.

Depending on the age of your driveway and the type of surface, driveway cleaning may be a difficult or delicate task. Our team of professionals uses high power equipment and machines that effectively remove grime and dirt. With stubborn weeds banished, your driveway will have a much more pleasant look. As part of our driveway cleaning and patio cleaning services, we offer wood decking services. We will tidy and sweep the whole area, using sugar soap for a hard brush scrub. Then, we will high pressure clean the place using a rotary surface cleaner.

Our driveway cleaning and patio cleaning service uses environmentally-friendly chemicals and high-quality cleaning equipment. If we won’t put chemicals on our hands, we will not put them close to your garden plants and flowers.

This is not all we can offer. We can help with inprint concrete cleaning, tarmac driveway cleaning, paving slab cleaning, carpark cleaning, and much more.

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